“Nightmares and dreams.”

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The Shift
Ty Monroe has finally made police officer and is ready for his first night on the job. As a shifter he’s well aware of what goes on in the secret world of Anchor–but nothing has prepared him for the Shift of a full moon. It’s going to take all his wits and powers to survive the night…



He got into his police cruiser and heard the sheriff calling him.

“I’m here Larry, tell me what’s going on.” There was a lot of noise surrounding his car from the patrons that hadn’t gone in yet, he rolled his windows up to see if it would allow him to hear better.He felt confident Lila wouldn’t use her shotgun after his amazing pep talk.

“You need to call hank over at the Lazy Barn. He’s having some sort of bird issue.”
“Roger,” Ty wondered what could be going on bird-wise at the Lazy Barn. His friend Todd ran it and only called the police when he couldn’t handle something himself.
He dialed Todd on his cell phone.

“You have to get down here to my place and get Hank.”

“Okay, why do I need to get Hank. What’s the problem?”

“He’s shifting all over the place.”

Ty was having a hard time hearing over the gaggle of smokers still outside of his cruiser, “shitting?”

“No shifting, Hank don’t you fly up there you jack ass, just get down here Ty hurry.” The line went dead. It was going to be a wild evening.


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