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New Adult Books by, Emily Walker

  • Making a vow and keeping a vow are two very different things. The Yellow Jackets have taken a vow of sexual purity. As great as that theory sounds, the reality is that each of them struggles in one way or the other to remain sexually unscathed. Bryant, one of the Jackets, has moved off- campus from the all-boys school and finds himself neighbors to a very tantalizing beauty. Only this girl is much more than she seems: she secretly makes it her mission in life to take his virginity. Bryant and his roommates slowly discover all of their fellow Yellow Jackets have secrets. Now that there’s a spy in their midst—-one who is doing everything possible to expose the fact that the Yellow Jackets are not as ‘pure’ as they all seem...
  • Emma Michaels gets off on people calling her ma'am and fearing the sound of her four inch heels as she stomps by her employees' offices. The intelligent female worked hard to make partner at Johnson, Franks, and Michaels and will not let anything distract her from work. With her path set firmly toward the future, she has no idea that a young intern is coming to derail her plans. Tyler Higgins is proving to be a distraction that creates chaos and anxiety in Emma's world. Will the young and handsome Higgins take the exec to school or has she met her match?
  • Coming March 22nd!

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